You can apply for the membership of the club by completing a membership application form and sending it with the correct fee to the Club Secretary: Bob Wright. Fees, membership requirements and secretary contact details are all on the form. You need a proposer and a seconder, if you don’t know any club members please contact the secretary for advice. Ideally, we suggest payment is made by a Banker’s Order, this is on page 2 of the form below.

Application for Membership

Existing members who wish to forget about the hassle of remembering to renew membership each year can use the Banker’s Order Form below which will instruct your bank to pay the renewal fee on 1st January each year. 

Banker’s Order Form

Membership Renewal, existing members who wish to renew their membership (due on 1st January each year) and bring it up to date may use the Renewal Form below.


Renewal Application Form