Judge: Mrs Anne Heathcote (Saxheath)

BIS, Bandicoot Jazz (Mr G E & Mrs V L K Docwra)

RBIS, Dandyhow Jumping Jack at Glebeheath (Mrs J Guvercin)
BOSIS, Dandyhow Jumping Jack at Glebeheath (Mrs J Guvercin)
BPIS, Nickeltweed Maggie May (Mr A & Mrs N Harris)
BV, CH Gameway Kiwi JW (Mrs P Clark)
Best Dog, Dandyhow Jumping Jack at Glebeheath (Mrs J Guvercin)
Reserve Best Dog, Northborders Mr Pickles JW (Miss J North)
Best Dog Puppy, Stineval Chelan (Mr A & Mrs C Horner)
Best Bitch, Bandicoot Jazz (Mr G E & Mrs V L K Docwra)
Reserve Best Bitch, Gameway Dragonfly (Mrs P Clark)
Best Bitch Puppy, Nickeltweed Maggie May (Mr A & Mrs N Harris)

Entries 100 for 116

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and thank all the exhibitors for the lovely entry. The depth of quality was a pleasant surprise and it would seem that the breed is in good hands. 

Minor Puppy Dog 4

1. Horner’s Stineval Chelan. 7 month grizzle with a lovely head and eye, good mouth, neat feet, nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good bend of stifle and easy free movement, topped off with a hard jacket. BPD.

2.Page’s Otto Little Jeep. 6 months light grizzle pup built on racier lines with a nice head, narrow front, good reach of neck and hind angulation. A bit short of coat but what there was had correct texture, also moved well.

3. Hathaway’s Scampi and Chips.

Puppy Dog. 3.

1. Watson and Kenna’s Cynetoys Cool Hand Luke. 10 months grizzle with a masculine head, good front assembly, well ribbed back, nice outline and rear angulation. Hard coat and thick pelt, moved out well.

2. Singh’s Borderbridge Adagio. Not quite as strong in head but excellent dentition with lovely big teeth, straight front, level topline, well bent stifle and harsh jacket. Also moved well.

3. Pattison’s Westpoint Souper Trouper.

Junior Dog. 7, 1.

1. Guvercin’s Dandyhow Jumping Jack at Glebeheath. Very smart grizzle dog with a straight narrow front, lovely reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, correct in rib, strong loin, good hind construction and well set tail. Moved very soundly. BD and RBIS.

2. Dean’s Cedarhill Beyond the Stars. Another good young dog well constructed fore and aft with a lovely head, level topline held on the move, which he did soundly, correct jacket and pelt.

3. Sneddon’s Kersfell Comply or Die. 

Novice Dog. 3.

1. Smith’s Northborders Red Storm. Red dog with a strong head, good mouth, straight front, well laid shoulders, level topline, strong backend, moved soundly.

2. Fordham’s Colourbox Gunpowder. Blue and tan with a nice head and expression, straight front and harsh jacket. Just preferred the slightly racier lines of 1.

3. Hathaway’s Scampi and Chips. 

Graduate Dog. 8.3.

1. Sneddon’s Kersfell Comply or Die. 3rd in a strong Junior class. Nice head with big teeth, good reach of neck flowing into a level topline with a good underline and well set tail, topped off with a harsh jacket.

2. Smith’s Northborders Red Storm.

3. Blakemore’s Sextonmagic Willowherb

Post Graduate Dog. 3.1.

1. North’s Northborders Mr Pickles JW. Very fit and well muscled blue and tan dog. Lovely head and reach of neck, well laid shoulders and excellent rear angulation and outline, tight feet and hard jacket. Moved very soundly with drive. RBD

2. Docwra’s Bandicoot Double Take.

Limit Dog.5.

1. Harrison’s Iacheslei Cantus. Easily spanned grizzle with nice head, neck and shoulders, correct in rib, strong loin, good rear assembly and tight feet who moved well.

2. Price’s Oxcroft Raydar. Light grizzle with a lovely otter head one associates with this kennel. Racy body with a straight front and good rear angulation. Unfortunately short of coat on the day.

3. Spencer’s Cobstoneway River Magic.

Open Dog. 5.2.

1. Sneddon’s Chesterton Top Hat and Tails by Kersfell. 3 lovely dogs with little to choose between them. Liked this one’s strong head, good mouth with big teeth, racy lines with good reach of neck, correctly ribbed back, strong loin and well set carrot tail. Plenty of coat covering a well muscled body.

2.Stockley’s Foxfactor Pied Pipes JW ShCM. Red grizzle with a strong head and lovely expression, not as racy as 1 but good reach of neck, strong rear end giving good drive and lovely hard jacket.

3. Harrison’s Ch Iacheslei Torus JW.

 Minor Puppy Bitch. 11.2.

1. Harris’s Nickletweed Maggie May. Lovely class of puppies, wish I could place more. Loved this racy girl with a lovely head and neck and shoulder placement, straight narrow front, nice outline and good hind construction, short carrot tail and correct jacket and pelt. Moved well with drive. BPB BPIS.

2. Sharp’s Rhozzum Vanity Fair. Very similar to 1 in all ways, I just preferred the slightly more mature head of my winner.

3. Newsome’s Kighill Pip Pip Horay.

Puppy Bitch. 4.

1. Smith and Watt’s Markrich My Mayur. 11 months blue and tan. Nice head with neat ears and good dentition. Well laid shoulders, good in rib with level topline and nice underline. Good bend of stifle and correctly set carrot taol. Moved well.

2. Parr’s Westpoint Dancing Queen. Rangier light grizzle with good front assembly, lovely outline and thick pelt with harsh jacket. Head not yet as mature as 1.

3. Bryan and Pounder’s Grindelvald Over the Moon at Hemlockstone.

Junior Bitch. 5.

1. Clark’s Gameway Dragonfly. Another pleasing bitch with an excellent head, front assembly and outline. Good hind quarters, tail, thick pelt and correct coat. Moved soundly. RBB.

2. Wright’sOxcroft Route. Lovely otter head, straight front, good outline and tight harsh jacket. Preferred the hind angulation of 1.

3. Marwood’s Kersfell See the Stars At Annesuz.

Novice Bitch. 6.3.

1. Wright’s Oxcroft Route.

2. Parr’s Westpoint Dancing Queen.

3. Wright’s Totherend Blue Lou Lou.

Graduate Bitch. !2.5.

1. Pickering’s Picer Gillyflower. Sound blue and tan bitch with a thick pelt and hard heavy jacket but underneath was a well constructed bitch in all departments which showed in her movement.

2. Gregory’s Digmoor C’est La Vie at Visrie. Racy light grizzle with a lovely head and eye, level topline, good rear end, nice catlike feet, good pelt and jacket. Another good mover.

3. Harrison’s Iacheslei Cantilena JW.

Post Graduate Bitch 6.2.

1. Pickering’s Picer Hildora. Dark grizzle with a strong but feminine head, straight front well ribbed back, good hind construction and plentiful hard jacket. Moved with drive.

2. Fletcher’s Picer Beersheba at Wadesleia. Litter sister to 1 and similar in many respects, just preferred the front angulation of 1.

3. Harrison’s Iacheslei Cantilena JW. 

Limit Bitch. 8.3.

1. Price’s Oxcroft Rumour. Blue and tan with an otter head, straight front, nice length of strong loin, good hind angulation, correct double coat and thick pelt finished off with a carrot tail. Moved well.

2. Fletcher’s Vallemoss Matilda May at Wadesleia. Another nice blue and tan, close up to 1 in construction, jacket and movement. Just preferred the hind angulation of 1.

3. Wright’s Totherend Tonic.

Open Bitch. 10.5.

1. Docwra’s Bandicoot Jazz. This girl filled my eye with her feminine head, nice expression, lovely straight narrow front, correct topline and underline, good angulation and excellent jacket and pelt. She moved out well with plenty of drive. BB and delighted to award her BIS.

2. Fray’s Grindelvald Miss Teak at Eltonfurze. Honest, workmanlike girl with a nice head, straight narrow front, good in neck, shoulders and bend of stifle tight hard coat and carrot tail. Moved out well.

3. Stockley’s Rhozzum Keynote with Foxfactor.

Veteran. 4.

1. Clark’s Ch. Gameway Kiwi. 9 year old in excellent shape and condition befitting the champion that he is and still moving very well.

2. Sneddon’s Kerfell Comet JW. Another fit dog at 8 years retaining his good head proportions, outline and hard jacket.

3. Norris’s Brookbank Break The Spell.

Special Challenge. 5.4.

1. Norris’s Cast a Spell over Brookbank. Lovely showgirl, as were all this lady’s exhibits today. Feminine head, straight front, good topline and rear. Moved with drive.