Dogs: Mr John Bainbridge (Risdene)
Bitches: Miss Sarah Dandy (Dandale)
Referee: Miss Julie Price (Oxcroft)


Best In Show: CH Olderhill Afortunado

Reserve Best In Show: Ploughdown Placida

Best Opposite Sex: Ploughdown Placida

DCC: CH Olderhill Afortunado

RDCC: Tythrop Timepiece

Best Puppy – Dog: Manorborders Maverick

BCC: Ploughdown Placida

RBCC: Brumberhill Bonjour

Best Puppy – Bitch: Tarkaswell Doctor

Best Puppy: Tarkaswell Doctor

Reserve Best Puppy: Manorborders Maverick

Best Veteran: CH Stineval Acerola With Tyrian JW

Best Veteran – Dog: CH Stineval Acerola With Tyrian JW

Best Veteran – Bitch: Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That


Many thanks to the Midland Committee for this appointment and to all those especially the stewards who made for an enjoyable day. The entry in general reflected the type the exhibitors by now know I like. However there were a number up to size and exhibiting poor front angulation and short deep ribs and paid the price. I was looking for dogs with a typical otter head straight narrow front well laid shoulders ribbed back spannable and racey rear quarters with thick pelt in harsh double coat all of which we should be looking for in the ideal Border Terrier that is essentially a working terrier.

I was very pleased with my winners overall and had good depth of quality in the  limit and open classes that generally displayed the above attributes.

The dog CC and ultimately BIS Ch Olderhill Afortunado is the ideal border terrier that shows with confidence and has class. He has a good border head of otter type strong jaw with keen expression on strong neck set into well laid  shoulders ,narrow ribs carried back ,ideal length strong loin and the desired rear quarters ,shown in double coat and top condition moved with drive to cover the ground. Pleased my co-judge agreed this boys qualities worthy of BIS.

The RCC TythropTimepiece this excellent blue and tan displayed similar qualities to the above and with his good turn of stifle and short hocks and tight feet moved so well and with top presentation took this award over the quality 2nd in Open and Limit winner and with time maturity should complete the picture.

The Bitch CC winner and BOS,RBIS Ploughdown Placida is a top quality exhibit but for me just not the strength in loin of the dog but a close decision . J. Bainbridge, Dog Judge


A great honour to judge bitches at this breed club show, my grateful thanks to the Midland Border Terrier Club for their warm and friendly hospitality and to my two competent and hardworking stewards. I had a most enjoyable day and was delighted that my final line-up comprised of excellent and true to type examples of the breed, with some really promising youngsters amongst them. It is always foremost in my mind when judging this breed that it is essential that the dog’s conformation and movement should demonstrate its capability to work and follow a horse. I found this a challenge today, rather too many exhibits failing to demonstrate free ground covering movement or any length of stride to ‘follow a horse’: with weak pasterns resulting in uneconomic paddling action and poor reach; and sickle hocks impairing effective drive. I was also struck by the number of short ribs and untypical ‘cut up’ underlines. On a positive note temperaments were uniformly sound which is of great importance, although I felt numerous exhibits were neither ‘active’ nor ‘game’ in their demeanour. I was delighted to co-judge BIS with John Bainbridge and pleased that we agreed on all of our joint decisions today. Judge: Sarah Dandy

Minor Puppy – Dog

Entries: 9   Absentees: 1

1st – Ridgebow Rifleman (Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury) Generally a mixed class of babies at various stages of development that need to come together in movement ,this boy has all the correct attributes in head and body and was shown in good harsh coat.

2nd – Crazy Train Pilgrim to Chatmoss (Mr & Mrs D J & P M Lockley) not the length of rib of 1 but otherwise close up.

3rd – Brumberhill Dutch Courage (Mr S Mcpherson) good in body of correct proportions just needs time for head to develop.

Res – Stineval Napoleon (Mr & Mrs A G Horner)

VHC – Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor (Mrs H A Metcalfe)

Puppy – Dog

Entries: 6   Absentees: 0

1st – Manorborders Maverick (Mrs K Dean) a super blue and tan puppy correct for age good body to leg ratio ideal front shoulders and length of ribs in good coat to finish the picture and moved out well, best puppy dog.

2nd – Shiftyfox Roll The Dice (Mr G Wildey) another well made puppy but not the front of 1,  put down well.                                                                                                                                             

3rd – Breckgreen Soldier Blue (Mrs. J. Green) overall made on the right lines and moved quite well slightly longer in loin.

Res – Iacheslei Adonis (Miss A Harrison)

VHC – Otterwood Caius (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee)

Junior – Dog

Entries: 7   Absentees: 0

1st – Tythrop Timepiece (Mrs J L Lee) liked this blue and tan a lot so well put together and looking like he could do the job.

2nd – Wadesleia Mr Herriot (Mrs H A & Mr A Fletcher) super head neck and lay of shoulder but not the rear quarters of 1 coat ok and moved well .

3rd – Bandicoot Betfair (Mr G E & Mrs V L K Docwra) similarly made in full harsh jacket but preferred the head of 2.

Res – Daluce King Of Emotion (Mr J & Mrs H M Thomas)

VHC – Earthdog Lanyard By Beaconpike (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

Maiden – Dog

Entries: 3   Absentees: 0

1st – Borterra Boy Wonder at Manorcroft (Mr D Bean) looks immature for age but is constructed correctly and with good otter like head but could take more substance to complete the picture.

2nd – Crazy Train Pilgrim to Chatmoss (Mr & Mrs D J & P M Lockley) a baby and  preferred the scope of one.

3rd – Rhozzum Vintage Blue (Mrs M Sharp) generally well made not in the best of coats and not enjoying his day.

Yearling – Dog

Entries: 5   Absentees: 1

1st – Benattivo Betfred (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling) put together well and although a tad deep in chest is ribbed back I liked his head and expression and was presented in top coat and condition moved out well to take the class.

2nd – Tojamatt Warlord (Mr & Mrs D Matthews) in full coat not the front of 1 but otherwise built on the right lines.

3rd – Foxpaw Pipps Cross (Mr P & Mrs H Fulker) Similarly constructed to 1&2 good in front assembly but for a dog I  would like a bit more of him.

Res – Comberdown Cormac at Borderbridge (Miss B J Singh)

Graduate – Dog

Entries: 4   Absentees: 0

1st – Comitis California (Mr T and Mrs L Palmer) this blue and tan has a good head neck and front assembly up to size but otherwise presents a good picture when free shown .

2nd – Otterwood Cyrus JW ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee) not the scope of 1but overall correctly made and moved quite well

3rd – Dymanti Roman Warrior (Mr P J & Mrs A K Taylor) has more substance which makes him look big but is well constructed.

Res – Cedarhill Stargazer JW ShCM (Miss A Speake & Mr H S Speake)

Post Graduate – Dog

Entries: 7   Absentees: 2

1st – Gellisown Flintstone (Mrs T Broadbent) 1&2 of similar racey type that look as though they could do the job this one well put together throughout and pleasing shaped head in ok coat moved with drive.

2nd – Mansergh Burne Jones (Miss A Roslin Williams) correct forehand narrow and ribbed back to provide good lung room and looks as though he will carry the years well just preferred the head of 1.

3rd – Chatmoss Les Diables Rouges Ir Jun Ch CW ’14 (Mr K J & Mrs C Fielding) overall a correctly  made dog that shows and moves well not in the best presented coat and just too much of him for me.

Res – Hobholt Hallmark (Mr C K & Mrs M A Wallace)

VHC – Brookbank Beauly (Mrs S P Norris)

Limit – Dog

Entries: 18   Absentees: 3

1st – Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow JW (Mr N Duxbury) a class full of quality topped by this impressive grizzle who has a super otter head on good length neck into well laid shoulders ribs carried back into strong loin and correctly angulated rear quarters with good second thigh  moved so well just lost out to my top 2 on being heavier in bone but such a fine margin.

2nd – Hawcoat Lord George (Mrs E J & Miss R C Larner) I liked this one a lot he has a superb head and is well made throughout and covers the ground but oh so short of coat he could not go higher.

3rd – Hobholt Hi Roller (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright) grizzle that is also well made and close up but just needs to strengthen in front assembly to compete with the movement of 1&2..

Res – Oxcroft Richie (Mr J Price)

VHC – Tyrian Outlaw (Mrs K Dean)

Open – Dog

Entries: 12   Absentees: 3

1st – CH Olderhill Afortunado (Mrs S Wilson)said it all in my overall comments just stood away today.

2nd – CH Glebeheath Jump The Gun JW (Mrs J Guvercin) a very nice blue and tan that excels in head neck and shoulder and presents a good picture but not the strength in rear quarters of my top 2 and would like to see his coat allowed to break with more of the silver hairs that were present.

3rd – Ottaswell Palamedes (Mr D & Mrs G M Hunt) another impressive grizzle that has good otter head and has well made forehand nicely ribbed back but  is just a shade longer in loin.

Res – Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW (Mr C Hall & Miss L Ellis)

VHC – CH Rexlands Cock Robin (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)

Special Challenge – Dog

Entries: 3   Absentees: 0

1st – Dymanti Roman Warrior (Mr P J & Mrs A K Taylor) nicely made not in the best of coats and carrying that bit too much substance.

2nd – Chatmoss Les Diables Rouges Ir Jun Ch CW ’14 (Mr K J & Mrs C Fielding)

3rd – Brookbank Beauly (Mrs S P Norris) although generally of ok construction just too much of him for me.

Veteran – Dog

Entries: 4   Absentees: 1

1st – CH Stineval Acerola With Tyrian JW (Professor S P Dean) three worthy champions that exhibit the requirements of the standard this grizzle presenting a good overall picture nicely ribbed back strong loin and rear quarters which he used to move out well to take this  class and Best Veteran

2nd – CH Iacheslei Torus JW (Miss A Harrison) carrying a bit of weight today but nice outlook

3rd – CH Rhozzum Dankworth (Mrs M Sharp) not the coat of the other 2 today and although beginning to show his age still shows his qualities.

Special Open Working – Dog

Entries: 1   Absentees: 0

1st – Oxcroft Rocco (Mr J Price )a useful type that excels in head and front moved ok but not fully enjoying himself today.

Minor Puppy – Bitch

Entries: 13   Absentees: 2

1st – Picer Aimee Vilbert (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering) Very promising grizzle puppy built on racy bodylines with a pleasing head and expression. Narrow with a good length of body, firm topline, good croup and tailset, balanced with lovely underline, a length of rib and strong loin. Sound well angulated forehand with a good layback of shoulder, balanced with well-constructed hindquarters with second thigh, standing on good legs and feet with nice bone and well let down hocks. Has quality and is very sound, moved out well in profile and tracked very true.

2nd – Tythrop Traveller (Mrs J L Lee) Another bitch to move out well around the ring, she particularly caught my eye in this class with her ground covering stride using her hindquarters to great effect in profile. Nice type overall with appealing head and expression and a reach of neck. Soundly constructed well balanced quarters, easily spanned narrow bodylines on good legs, bone and feet. Correct underline, ribbed back with good length and firm loin. Good pelt but short of coat today.

3rd – Tythrop Tally for Asplands (Ms J Sykes)

Res – Ploughdown Persephone (Miss C Spencer)

VHC – Chatmoss Fleur De Lys (Mr & Mrs D J & P M Lockley)

Puppy – Bitch

Entries: 17   Absentees: 2

1st – Tarkaswell Doctor’s Orders (Mrs C E Sansom) Well-made feminine grizzle bitch who took my eye with her clean balanced outline. Attractive head with a reach of neck into well-defined clean wither. Moderate and really balanced in outline with well angulated quarters, correct topline croup and tailset matched by equally good underline, ribbed back with good length and firm loin. Good bone, feet and hocks. Makes a pleasing picture, striding out in profile with reach & drive holding her topline well on the move. Handles well, in fit order with good coat and pelt. Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Show.

2nd – Emblehope Dance and Dance (Miss D Bladen) Nicely made youngster with good B/T jacket, of correct texture and colour with good pelt. Feminine otter head with a good neck into a sound forehand with a good layback of shoulder and well defined clean wither. Liked her overall moderation with correct firm topline matched with good underline, she scores in size and balance. Moved soundly and tracked particularly well. Beautifully toned condition, in good order. Two promising youngsters with much to like

3rd – Lady Mary of Foxpaw (Mr P & Mrs H Fulker)

Res – Brumberhill Bollinger For Chesterton (Mr A J & Mrs W Mooney)

VHC – Birmandi’s Bellissima (Mr V J Pearce)

Junior – Bitch

Entries: 11   Absentees: 1

1st – Tythrop Turn Back Time (Mrs J L Lee) Beautifully presented youngster with the most superb harsh pinwire coat of correct blue and tan colour, good pelt. A keen showgirl with an appealing feminine head of good proportions and expression with good neck into a sound topline, croup and tailset, matched with an excellent underline, well ribbed back with firm loin. Soundly constructed forehand balanced with well angulated backend with second thigh, standing on good legs, bone and feet. Efficient mover with true accurate tracking both fore and aft and a good stride in profile. Really good to go over and put down in a fit, honed condition, as always from this kennel. Makes a pleasing overall picture and was a serious contender today

2nd – Smalesmouth Skylark (Mrs J Roberts) Impressed on the move in this class, such a positive and sound mover. Pleasing head & expression, good neck, wither and front, balanced with angulated racy hindquarters, standing on good legs and feet. Good underline with a length of body, ribbed back and firm loin. Easily spanned shapely grizzle, built on narrow bodylines. Moved freely with good reach and drive and tracked true.

3rd – Gameway Magical At Southash (Mr J & Mrs I M Southam)

Res – Alcumlow Miss Teeq (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

VHC – Olderhill Malvena (Mrs S Wilson)

Maiden – Bitch

Entries: 5   Absentees: 2

1st – Chatmoss Fleur De Lys (Mr & Mrs D J & P M Lockley) Grizzle puppy who moved out soundly around the ring. Pleasing head with good neck and topline, narrow through with good underline and a length in rib, she presented a clean outline with well-balanced quarters, hocks well let down.

2nd – Foxfactor Lavender Blue (Mr B & Mrs K Stockley) Another puppy to move out well around the ring, she also tracked very true. Feminine headed B/T with good neck into clean wither. Balanced quarters with excellent front assembly, with good lay back of shoulder. Good straight legs, nice bone and feet.

3rd – Borderxpress Miss Potter (Mr R Wright)

Yearling – Bitch

Entries: 9   Absentees: 2

1st – Tarkaswell Double Agent JW (Mrs C E Samsom) A most stylish youngster with much to like, well-proportioned with super clean outline. Good head, skull and expression and lovely neck. Scored in front assembly with a good lay back of shoulder, balanced with angulated racy hindquarters, standing on straight legs with moderate bone and tight feet. Excellent clean wither, topline, croup and tailset. Pleasing underline with a length of rib and firm loin. Smartly presented in good grizzle coat and condition. Moved around the ring with ease and tracked well, really stood out in this class, particularly on movement, most promising.

2nd – Alcumlow Azure (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber) Another quality youngster, presented in good order as always from this kennel. Essentially typical B/T with head of good proportion and expression. Very sound forehand assembly, good neck into wither and correct topline and tailset, with thick carroty tail. Well angulated hindquarter with well let down hocks used to effect on the move, covering the ground with ease. Balanced overall, in jacket of correct texture and colour, on good legs, bone and feet.

3rd – Smalesmouth Skype (Mrs J Roberts)

Res – Mansergh Plusfours (Miss A Roslin-Williams)

VHC – Pebbledyke Pirouette (Mr K L Foster)

Graduate – Bitch

Entries: 4   Absentees: 1

1st – Ellie Jake Here I Am for McBrock (Mr K Mcdowell) Good head with pleasing expression and short, strong muzzle on this smart, moderate blue and tan bitch, with a reach of neck into a soundly made firm topline, good tailset and excellent underline. Well balanced with good forehand assembly and very well made hindquarters, racy but muscular with a turn of stifle, second thigh and well let down firm hocks used to effect on the move, she moved out well and tracked best in this class. Presenting a good outline and in great shape, with a good blue and tan jacket, of correct colour.

2nd – Glen Mara Holy Song at Gameway (Imp) (Mrs T Clark) Attractive head and expression on this grizzle bitch with very sound forehand assembly with layback of shoulder, a good neck into wither and correct topline with well-set on carroty tail. Moved out well in profile around the ring. Nice condition with harsh coat.

3rd – Alcumlow Mulberry (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

Post Graduate – Bitch

Entries: 18   Absentees: 5

1st – Gameway Fortune Cookie (Mrs T Clark) Smart grizzle bitch of balanced proportions with much to like, presented in good coat and condition. A classic otter head with strength of muzzle and nice expression, strong moderate neck into excellent forehand with layback of shoulder, length in upper arm and well defined wither. Sound topline, croup and tailset with a length of body and ribs carried back into firm loin, she scores in size and balance with well-matched angulated quarters standing on good legs & neat feet. Impressed me the most in this class when moving, extending well in profile and tracking very true.

2nd – Badgerbeck Backchat at Olderhill (Mrs S Wilson) Another well made, classy bitch, full of type with pleasing lines, presented with a super grizzle coat with good pelt. Attractive head with alert expression, a lovely reach of neck, soundly constructed forehand with well laid shoulder, defined wither and firm topline with well-set on carroty tail. Balanced overall with a good underline, length in body and angulated hindquarters with hocks well let down giving good drive. Sound, ground covering free movement. Two quality bitches, a very close decision between 1 & 2.

3rd – Shiftyfox Mystical Dream (Mr G Wildey)

Res – Mattedonn Farthing for Tyrian (Mrs K Dean)

VHC – Orangecastle Zaurak at Foxfactor (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley)

Limit – Bitch

Entries: 21   Absentees: 5

1st – Ploughdown Placida (Mr & Mrs E Armstrong) Outstanding bitch that caught my eye the minute she entered the ring, looked a picture standing and did not disappoint on the move. Beautifully balanced, with everything in the right place and a good grizzle jacket completes the picture. Typical, feminine head of good proportion atop a reach of neck into a cleanly defined wither, with a correctly proportioned front assembly. So well put together with a super topline, equally matched with an excellent underline with pleasing body and rib, firm loin and well-made racy hindquarters. Presented a most shapely, clean outline, well-honed and in fit order. Her movement is second to none, with accurate tracking she displayed a ground covering stride with great forward reach and drive in profile, so essential to follow a horse, a joy to watch on the move. Bitch CC. Reserve Best In Show & BOS.

2nd – Tojamatt Morgana (Mr & Mrs D Matthews) Nicely made grizzle, with good head, skull and neck into a sound forehand. Balanced in outline, with a sound flowing topline, croup and tailset matched with a good underline with a length of body. Angulated hindquarters with turn of stifle and hocks well let down and used to advantage on the move. Moved out very soundly and tracked well. In good grizzle jacket.

3rd – Nantcoch Ffion JW ShCM (Mrs J M Phillips)

Res – Tyrian Amulet (Mrs K Dean)

VHC – Mansergh Lizzie Siddal (Miss A Roslin Williams)

Open – Bitch

Entries: 10   Absentees: 0

1st – Brumberhill Bonjour (Mr S A Mcpherson) Winner of a strong class, a quality bitch that excels in breed type. Well proportioned, typical head and expression, lovely reach of neck into an excellent forehand construction with correct layback of shoulder, length in upper arm and cleanly defined wither. Well-constructed all through with super topline, croup and tailset, matched with correct underline. Good body proportions and very sound, balanced quarters standing on good legs with straight moderate bone. A most striking bitch with much style, presented in top form, with super grizzle jacket and thick pelt. Moved freely and soundly holding her topline well, with good reach and drive. Res Bitch CC.

2nd – Rhozzum User Friendly (Mrs M Sharp) This grizzle bitch has the qualities to easily do a day’s work and follow a horse, really impressing me in this strong class on the move by demonstrating free and easy movement with a ground covering stride and the most accurate tracking. Soundly made grizzle of pleasing moderate size with well-made balanced quarters standing on good legs, with well let down hocks. An appealing head and expression, with a reach of neck into a very good forehand with layback of shoulder and sound topline and tailset. Well-proportioned with narrow bodylines of good length. Nice to go over, fit and active.

3rd – CH / Ir CH Ploughdown Portia (Mr & Mrs E Armstrong)

Res – CH Tythrop Touch on Wood (Mrs J L Lee)

VHC – CH Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox JW (Mr G Wildey)

Special Challenge – Bitch

Entries: 5   Absentees: 0

1st – Lady Mary of Foxpaw (Mr P & Mrs H Fulker) Previously placed 3rd in a strong puppy class. Feminine grizzle of nice make and shape and narrow bodylines, with an appealing head and expression and lovely reach of neck. Balanced quarters with very sound forehand assembly, lovely firm topline, body well ribbed back with strength in loin. Well made, racy hindquarters with hocks well let down. Has style and moved very well

2nd – Lady Fiona Mctarry (Miss A J Sutton & Mr M Sugden) B/T of moderate size with right amount of bone. Nicely made with good head, neck, shoulders and front. Balanced quarters with a sound topline. Moved out well.

3rd – Oxcroft Route to Borderxpress (Mr R Wright)

Res – Intack Lady Eleanor (Mrs F J Matthews)

VHC – Brookbank Brora (Mrs S P Norris)

Veteran – Bitch

Entries: 10   Absentees: 2

1st – Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That (Mrs S J Baxter) 7 years grizzle veteran in great form, fit and active mover and a most pleasing moderate size. Feminine head and expression with good neck. Balanced quarters with a sound topline and tailset and clean in outline. Moved freely, covering the ground so well in profile

2nd – Foxfinder Becky (Mr R Brewster) 7 year old veteran, of balanced proportions with well-placed shoulder and good topline , tailset and underline. Good grizzle jacket. Moved OK.

3rd – Vallemoss Matilda May at Wadesleia (Mr A & Mrs H A Fletcher)

Res – Alcumlow Starry Night (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

VHC – Tezaland Valentine Dream At Bordaholic (Mrs T L Bromley)

Special Open Working – Bitch

Entries: 0   Absentees: 0