Judge: Lesley Armstrong-Rodgers (Atron/Scottsway)

Show Critique:

It was a great honour to be invited to judge The Midland Border Terrier Club Open Show and therefore my thanks go to the Committee for the opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed my day at this friendly well run show. It was advantageous in having such a good sized ring in which to watch the dogs move. Borders need room to get into their stride and show their effortless movement and profile when viewed in side gait.
A special thank you also to Richard and Sharon, my two stewards for keeping things running smoothly. It is always a great help for any judge to be blessed with competent stewards. Finally a big thank you to all the Exhibitors for bringing their dogs under me for my opinion and for accepting my decisions with good grace. As always coats were at differing stages, often reflected in the placings, but coats do come and go, construction does not !. Overall I found temperaments excellent, as well it should be, which bodes well for the breed.


Best In Show: Picer Mirabel Ostler

Reserve Best In Show: Dassett Igglepiggle JW

Best Opposite Sex: Dassett Igglepiggle JW

Best Dog: Dassett Igglepiggle JW

Reserve Best Dog: Fisherbloom Dont Stop Me Now At Louajak

Best Puppy – Dog: Mysulan Byards Legend

Best Bitch: Picer Mirabel Ostler

Reserve Best Bitch: Olliesorchids Vintage Fizz

Best Puppy – Bitch: Ragatam Daydreamer

Best Puppy: Mysulan Byards Legend

Best Veteran: Totherend Tickety Blue


Minor Puppy – Dog

Entries: 3   Absentees: 2

1st – Ragatam Master Dreamer (Miss T J Peacock)

A lovely Grizzle nearing 7 months who shows a lot of potential. He has a good head and expression, dark eye and correct dentition. Stands on a straight front with neat feet, level topline, spanned with ease and owns a thick pliable pelt. Lovely carroty tail set well on and racy hindquarters. Moved well around the ring and confidently for one so young. I am sure as he matures he will trouble the best.

Puppy – Dog

Entries: 2   Absentees: 0

1st – Mysulan Byards Legend (Mrs S J Baxter)

A super Grizzle and Tan puppy of almost 10 months. Looked really eye catching on first appraisal and going over him does not disappoint. Owns a typical otter shaped head, short strong muzzle and ample length of neck fitting into well placed shoulder. Spanned easily with ribs carried well back, a lovely level topline and correctly set on tail. Moved well around the ring with good forward reach and racy well musclelled hindquarters which gave him real strength in hind movement. Today shown in a harsh jacket. My BEST PUPPY DOG and subsequently BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

2nd – Cedarhill Make A Wish For Roxellia (Mrs C M & Mr M D Peffers)

Another 10 month old puppy Grizzle and Tan shown in decent jacket. Possesses a dark expressive eye, neat ear set close to his head. Ample neck with well placed shoulder, enough rear angulation and tail set on well. Moved out well enough but couldn’t match my first placing today.

Junior – Dog

Entries: 2   Absentees: 0

1st – Ravenside Play The Game Kersfell JW (Mrs M Sneddon)

So much to like about this willful young dog who tries his best to throw away his chances !. I liked him for size and shape. Head is of correct proportions with a strong muzzle and he has a real varminty expression. Narrow all through and comes to hand easily, with ribs carried well back. Strong in loin and carries his tail correctly with a really good underline. Moved well once he decided to settle and start to concentrate. Held his topline in side gait, moving true coming and going covering the ground with ease. Coat was harsh and he has a pliable pelt. Perhaps a little more attention to detail on his coat would only enhance him even more. I liked him very much and feel if his handler could calm him down a little more to show off his true potential then he may well be destined for higher honors .

2nd – Jordith Roll Up And Shine (Mrs L.M.I & Mr A.M. Jordan-Smith)

Grizzle and Tan of 16 months who owns a very nice head and dark eye and a correct scissor bite. He stands on a straight front with well padded feet, enough bone and reasonably strong in loin. Up to size but easily spanned owning a loose thick pelt. He has a level topline and good bend of stifle. Shown today in decent jacket. Moved out with purpose but I just preferred the front action on my winner on the day.

Novice – Dog

Entries: 2   Absentees: 1

1st – Howthwaite Godfrey To Otterbuck (Mrs V Swallow)

A really smart youngster with a lovely otter type head and that all important keen expression. He has ample neck, fitting into well placed shoulder, a super straight front, well padded feet and strong racy hindquarters. Moving out with with drive and forward reach. Signs of a new coat coming through.

Graduate – Dog

Entries: 2   Absentees: 1

1st – Goxfell Gotcha (Mrs J Stamp & Mr D Joyce)

This Grizzle has a masculine head with good proportions, a strong muzzle, correct dentition and neatly placed ears. A pleasing straight front and neat feet. Has a good length of body with a level topline. Ribs carried well back. Loose thick pelt and firm in loin followed by a correctly set on tail. Looks balanced standing and didn’t disappoint when moving using his strong hindquarters. Shown in good jacket today and moved soundly. I seriously considered him for higher honours.

Post Graduate – Dog

Entries: 1   Absentees: 0

1st – Goxfell Gotcha (Mrs J Stamp & Mr D Joyce)

Limit – Dog

Entries: 3   Absentees: 2

1st – Fisherbloom Dont Stop Me Now At Louajak (Miss C Gwilliam)

A lovely headed Grizzle dog with dark expressive eye and neat ears well placed. Owns a typical super keen expression. Standing on a straight front with enough bone and neatly padded tight feet. Well bodied but easily spanned and has a super thick pelt, well ribbed back, not oversprung in anyway. Level topline and lovely short carroty tail. Today shown in super quality jacket but for me it was his sound movement fore and aft that finally gave him RESERVE BEST DOG.

Open – Dog

Entries: 3   Absentees: 0

A trio of very nice dogs.

1st – Dassett Igglepiggle JW (Mrs S Spafford)

A lovely profile on this young Grizzle and Tan dog who may well be up to size but certainly fills the eye on first appraisal. Owns a lovely otter shaped head with dark correctly shaped eye. Large teeth with a correct scissor bite. Stands on a straight front with neat feet. Ample length of neck leading into well placed shoulders, spannable, with a thick pelt. Well muscled hind quarters and a super level topline finished off with a neat tailset Shown in a good jacket today. His true movement covering the ground effortlessly and with enthusiasm showing he could quite easily follow a horse. Delighted to award him BEST DOG and eventually RESERVE BEST IN SHOW.

2nd – Gameway Macaroon (Mrs J S Truss)

A workman like handy sized dark Grizzle and Tan who looked so well balanced in profile. He has a lovely otter shaped head with a keen expression. Strong jaw with good dentition and dark eye. Well ribbed back, level topline and strong in loin. Easily spanned with a thick pelt. Shown in good textured double jacket. Moved out really well with great drive from behind holding his topline to advantage. A really nice dog.

3rd – Cedarhill Melt In The Mouth (Mrs C Dean)

Minor Puppy – Bitch

Entries: 1   Absentees: 0

1st – Ragatam Daydreamer (Miss T J Peacock)

This 7 month old baby shows so much promise and really impressed. Possesses a feminine head of correct proportions, V shaped ears set close to her head and strength in her muzzle. Narrow throughout and spanned easily. A straight front with neat feet. Ample rear quarters which she used to advantage, level topline and well set carroty tail. Her movement was true and with enthusiasiasm for such a youngster. Looked quite the part reaching from the front and driving from her from her racy hindquarters. A lovely puppy and consequently my BEST BITCH PUPPY. Only lost out for Best Puppy on maturity.

Puppy – Bitch

Entries: 5   Absentees: 1

1st – Wreakevalley Flighty Miss (Mr P and Mrs K Oakman)

A really nice Grizzle puppy of 10 months who once settled looked so well balanced. She has a lovely head feminine with a dark eye and correct dentition and big teeth. A straight front with enough bone and neat feet. Spannable with a good thick pelt. Racy well musclelled hindquarters. Looked well on the move once she settled into her stride holding her topline in side gait. Shown in a good full jacket today.

2nd – Raedwulf Moonshine At Tarkaswell (Mrs C E Sansom)

Another nicely made bitch of 10 months which I liked for size. Possesses a nice head and a varminty expression, dark eye, maybe could have a slightly stronger foreface to be critical. Ample neck into well laid shoulder placement. Good outline and underline. Moved out well from racy hindquarters and at one with her handler.

3rd – Raedwulf Moonbeam (Mrs J & Mr D Lings)

Res – Morley’s Miss Zeva (Miss A Dawson)

Junior – Bitch

Entries: 6   Absentees: 3

1st – Raedwulf Moonshine At Tarkaswell (Mrs C E Sansom)

2nd – Rundlebeck Mill On The Floss (Mr B & Mrs C Manchester)

A pleasing head on this young Grizzle and Tan of nice size and shape . She has good dentition and a keen expression. Spanned with ease and shown with new coat coming through. Moved out well from racy hindquarters.

3rd – Border Force Bishop (Mrs C Denham-Horton)

Novice – Bitch

Entries: 8   Absentees: 2

1st – Wreakevalley Flighty Miss (Mr P and Mrs K Oakman)

2nd – Otterbuck Chicago (Mrs V Swallow)

This bitch pushed my winner all the way for 1st place. Owning such a lovely otter shaped head with a keen expression, lovely eye and correction dentition. Narrow all through with ribs well laid back, easily spanned with a loose thick pelt. Correct topline and well angulated rear quarters. Today not quite in her best jacket of that of the winning bitch but still a very nice bitch.

3rd – Daeargi Heatwave (Miss R Bevan)

Res – Raedwulf Moonbeam (Mrs J & Mr D Lings)

Graduate – Bitch

Entries: 6   Absentees: 2

1st – Stars Aligned With Alcumlow (Miss E Evans & Miss R Barber)

A rangy Grizzle and Tan shown today in a full coat She has the most pleasing head and expression, neck set cleanly into well placed shoulder. A straight front with enough bone, a lovely topline and length of body, her ribs by no means oversprung. Tail is set on correctly and was held well on the move. Moved soundly to take this rather nice class of bitches.

2nd – Howthwaite Gertrude (Mr P Oakman)

Lots to like about this nice sized bitch. Owns a feminine head with a strong muzzle, dark expressive eye and neatly placed ears. Stands on a straight front with cat like feet. Looked balanced with a level topline and racy hindquarters which she used well on the move. Shown in decent jacket with a loose pliable pelt.

3rd – Raedwulf Moonshine At Tarkaswell (Mrs C E Sansom)

Res – Fevstone Rosie Posie (Ms M Masefield)

Post Graduate – Bitch

Entries: 7   Absentees: 3

A lovely class of quality bitches

1st – Olliesorchids Vintage Fizz (Mr R & Mrs D Symons)

A well presented Grizzle who could not be ignored on first appraisal She has a lovely head with a strong muzzle and a super keen expression. Dark eye, big teeth with a correct scissor bite. Ears set neatly and close to her cheek. A good reach of neck which fits well into a correct shoulder placement, ribs carried well back. Straight front and well padded feet. Spanned with ease and has a loose pliable pelt. A good topline, strong in loin with a well set on tail. Shown today in a dense undercoat and good jacket. Moved out true in both front action and driving from strong well developed hindquarters. In the challenge she pushed for top honours and I was so pleased to award her RESERVE BEST BITCH

2nd – Alcumlow Monet’s Garden (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

A really well presented Blue and Tan young lady who owns a typical otter head with a varminty expression, dark eye, correct dentation with big teeth. Owns a narrow front and ample bone with well padded feet. She has a good length of neck into well placed shoulder, flat ribs, set well back, lovely topline and strong hindquarters. Moved around the ring effortlessly

3rd – Emblehope One Wish For Cedarhill (Mrs C Dean)

Res – Ragatam Isla At Louajak (Miss C Gwilliam)

Limit – Bitch

Entries: 6   Absentees: 3

1st – Picer Mirabel Ostler (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

What a cracking Blue and Tan this bitch is. I judged her as a puppy and my opinion of her has certainly not changed. Now 2 years old she has developed into such a lovely type who looks so correct when standing. She is a lovely size and easily comes to hand. Head is so typical, lovely dark eye and super keen expression, correct dentition with large teeth and neat V shaped ears. A strong neck set into well placed shoulders She has the straightest of fronts with neat cat like feet which are well padded. A lovely topline and short carroty tail set on so correctly and always wagging as if she was totally enjoying her day out. All finished off in a quality jacket. Moved with such enthusiasiasm with great forward reach and driving from her well developed rear quarters. Loved her. My BEST BITCH and eventually BEST IN SHOW. Many Congratulations.

2nd – Totherend Honeybee (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright)

This Grizzle and Tan bitch owns a lovely feminine head with a dark eye and good finish to muzzle. Reachy neck into good shoulder placement, spanned easily with a thick pliable pelt. Standing on a straight front and good feet. She has a lovely level topline and neat carroty tail and shown in good coat today Racy hindquarters. Moved well enough fore and aft but today couldn’t match my 1st placing.

3rd – Ragatam Brodie JW (Miss T J Peacock)

Open – Bitch

Entries: 7   Absentees: 3

1st – Dassett Upsy Daisy JW (Mrs S Spafford)

Young lady who is the litter sister to my Best Dog and so similar in many ways. For me she is up to size but is still very well balanced and has to be gone over to appreciate her many qualities. She has a feminine head of correct proportions a good mouth with big teeth. She stands on a straight front with lovely length of rib. Strong in loin and adequate rear angulation. Moved out well to take this class. Presented in a quality jacket.

2nd – Totherend Myrna Loy (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright)

Typy Grizzle bitch who owns quite a strong otter shaped head with a lovely expressive dark eye, little stop and a neat earset. Well constructed having a good reach of neck and was easily spanned. Stands on a straight front with ample bone. Level topline. Moved correctly fore and aft, holding her topline but today not the enthusiasam of my winner of this class

3rd – Tarkaswell Sea The Stars (Mrs C E Sansom)

Res – Mysulan Rhapsody In Blue (Mrs S J Baxter)

Veteran – Dog or Bitch

Entries: 3   Absentees: 1

1st – Totherend Tickety Blue (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright)

A good jacket on this Blue and Tan bitch who belies her years, now nearing 12 !. Owns such a feminine head with good bite, dark eye, and a strong jaw. Narrow throughout with a good length of neck fitting into well placed shoulder. Stands on a straight front with enough bone. Level topline with carroty tail set on correctly and used to advantage on the move. Well bent stifle which gave her very sound rear movement. She certainly was having a good time and enjoying herself showing the youngsters how to stride out.

2nd – Mysulan Going Solo JW (Mrs S J Baxter)

A Blue and Tan male of handy size and shape, nearing 9 years. Owns a good head with dark eye. Narrow all through and spanned with ease. Lovely outline. Moved out well enough and at one with his handler. Presented in excellent jacket and hard condition. Just prefered the exhuberence of my 1st placing.

Special Challenge – Dog or Bitch

Entries: 4   Absentees: 1

1st – Howthwaite Gertrude (Mr P Oakman)

2nd – Prince Rainbow Blue (Miss R Bevan)

5 year old dark Grizzle and Tan dog of good size. Stands on a straight front with neat feet. Head is of good proportions and ears set close to cheek but would prefer them slightly smaller, correct bite. Ribs carried well back and not oversprung. Moved soundly enough even if he was not wanting to give his all today.

3rd – Fevstone Rosie Posie (Ms M Masefield)


Entries: 1   Absentees: 0

1st. Gwillam’s. A well matched pair of grizzles of similar type, both with good toplines and in excellent hard condition. Presented in good coat condition and moved in unison around the ring with ease A credit to their handler.