There is an old saying, “Buyer Beware!”, whilst the majority of breeders are reputable, do your research on your breeder, a reputable breeder will also interview you to check you will provide a safe and loving home for your Border.

Many breeders are members of the their local Breed Club for their area, e.g. The Midland Border Terrier Club, or members of the Border Terrier Club. All the breed clubs have strict codes of conduct for members which gives a degree of confidence in their suitability as a breeder.

All the Breed Club secretaries may well be aware of puppies or older dogs looking for homes, visit the “LINKS” page on this site for the secretaries details which can be found on the relevant club site. Bob Wright, Club Secretary of The Midland Border Terrier Club is on Tel: 01335 390572 E-mail:¬†

The Kennel Club also provides details of puppies via the Accredited Breeders Scheme, these Breeders may not all be members of a Breed Club, so ask all the questions you deem appropriate in discussing a possible puppy purchase.

Whilst the “web” has transformed access to information be wary of “Puupy Sales Sites”, be also cautious of adverts in “free ads papers” or anyone offering a Border at car boot sales or in the “pub”. Borders are popular and sometimes¬†stolen to make a “quick buck.” – Common sense should prevail here!

Some points for consideration:

Ask the breeder if they are a Breed Club member?, how long they have been breeding Borders?, is the dam available to see as well as the litter?, find out about the sire, ask about temperament. Ask if the puppies are socialised?, do not take a puppy under 7/8 weeks of age, ask if the vet has seen them and make sure the puppies are clean, free from parasites such as worms, ear mites and fleas. (the puppies should have been wormed, ask about which wormer was used).

Papers, not all puppies are sold with Kennel Club papers, but those which are also benefit from a few weeks free health insurance. If papers are offered but not provided when you pick up your Border, get it in writing along with a receipt!

The breeder should also provide instructions to help you when you take the puppy away, the guidance notes normally include feeding details, worming to date and when nest to worm, advice on socialisation and training, do’s and don’ts, e.g. no grapes, no chocolate. The breeders contact details if you ever have a query.

Not everyone is the same in relation to the above, so if it doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t, be careful and select your breeder with care.