Start taking the puppy out in the car from an early age. Until fully inoculated, the dog should not get out of the car, nor be exposed to strange dogs, but a few rides will do no harm and will accustom the youngster to travelling. A cage is ideal in a car, because the dog will relax in it instead of standing or sitting up throughout the journey. Decide where in the car the dog will travel and put the puppy firmly there, once car-sickness has been overcome. Borders are usually car-sick for the first few journeys. It is not kind to feed a puppy a large meal just before a car journey – just a ‘token’ will suffice. Should the dog continue to be car-sick after a few outings, a mild carsickness tablet specifically for a puppy will cure the habit after a few journeys with this administered.

It is highly dangerous to have a loose Border in the car, tearing up and down, looking out and maybe barking, when the car is in motion. If this dad habit starts, take a friend out armed with the ‘water-pistol’ to squirt the dog while saying firmly “no” every time this is attempted. If this fails, buy and use a cage.

(an extract from “Border Terriers Today” by kind permission of Anne Roslin-Williams)

Never leave any dog in a car unattended in a vehicle, heat rapidly builds up even on cloudy days, the temperature will rapidly cause distress and in a short time may kill your Border.