This was my 1st Breed Club Show appointment and I would like to thank the Midland Border Terrier Club Committee for the opportunity to judge the show. Thanks also to my stewards,  Bob & Liz Wright who did a great job ensuring the smooth running of the ring throughout the day. Thanks also to all the exhibitors for allowing me to go over your Borders’.

All Borders were in good health, had good mouths and were complete. I was impressed with most coats and particularly pelts which were mainly loose and thick.  A number of coats were clearly coming through to be at their best for Crufts.

I like “moderate” Borders, not exaggerated in any way. Of importance, straight, narrow fronts, good shoulders. Hind quarters racy, body fairly long as described in the standard. Equally I like movement to be a good length of stride with purpose & drive. On movement, some front and rear movement was not great, some wrists were astray, some “knitting” and some were better shown on a loose lead and not “strung up”.  In summary, I was pleased with my winners & many down the line in some classes, I enjoyed the day, thank you all again for bringing your Borders’, it was appreciated.

Judge Chris Wallace (Hobholt) 

Entries: 74 making 88


Best In Show: CH Cedarhill Authorized JW ShCM

Reserve Best In Show: Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That

Best Opposite Sex: Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That

Best Dog: CH Cedarhill Authorized JW ShCM

Reserve Best Dog: Picer Just Joey

Best Puppy – Dog: Alcumlow Parsley

Best Bitch: Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That

Reserve Best Bitch: Glebeheath Maiden Name At Oakyard

Best Puppy – Bitch: Hemlockstone Diana at Bowencloud

Best Puppy: Alcumlow Parsley

Best Veteran: CH Cedarhill Authorized JW ShCM


Minor Puppy – Dog

Entries: 4   Absentees: 1

1st – Alcumlow Parsley (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

Gr&T, just over 6 months, Well made, moderate bone, lovely temperament,  Good otter head & expression, good bite, narrow, nicely laid shoulder, super front, loose, thick pelt, moved with drive & purpose for such a youngster, one to watch, BPIS

2nd – Hemlockstone Nimrod (Mr R H & Miss J A Bryan & Pounder)

Gr&T, 8 months, heavier in bone than 1, lovely head, dark oval eye, sound construction,  good reach of neck, super topline to nice tail set,  covered ground with long, easy stride,  good front & rear movement,

3rd – Bromsden Commander Bond By Digmoor (Mr M P & Mrs S V Regan)

Puppy – Dog, Two very different types

Entries: 3   Absentees: 1

1st – Gameway Mcvitie (Mrs P Clark)

Gr&T, 10 month, Correct size, lightly framed with moderate bone, confident & well-schooled. Lovely otter head & expression, strong pasterns, narrow with nice shoulder, decent flat rib with good loins, nice easy stride, moved well, true front & rear, another one to watch.

2nd – Baillieswells Brora (Professor A S Milton)

Gr&T, 10 month, heavier in bone, stronger head, good expression, thick, loose pelt. Not as narrow as 1, movement could be better, may improve as he matures.

Junior – Dog

Entries: 4   Absentees: 0

1st – Picer Just Joey (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

Grizzle, nearly 14 months, Moderate otter head, big teeth & and strong jaw,  nice V shaped ears, good feet all round, excellent front & neck, narrow, nice length of neck to level topline which was well held on the move, thick pelt, coat will be at its best in a few weeks. Movement  good, well prepared & shown well,  RBD

2nd – Breckgreen Soldier Blue (Mrs. J. Green)

Blu&T, nearly 18 months, Up to size for me, well prepared, confident youngster, strong head with pleasing expression, larger ears than 1. Spanned but deeper in chest than 1, super, thick double coat, lovely loose pelt, moved OK

3rd – Manorborders Maverick (Mrs K Dean)

Res – Glebeheath Smash N’grab (Miss L M Jordan & Mr A M Smith)

Novice – Dog

Entries: 4   Absentees: 0

1st – Badgerbeck Morgan At Southash (Mr J & Mrs I M Southam)

Gr&T, Strong  head, keen expression, strong jaw, big teeth, a well made Border with moderate bone, easy span, thick double coat and good pelt, good topline to short carrot tail, well angulated front & rear, moved well, accurate coming & going, covered ground with ease

2nd – Cedarhill Once Upon a Time (Mrs C Dean)

Blu&T, shorter coupled than 1, excited to be in the ring, nice head, good feet and well angulated rear, shorter in stride than 1, movement OK,  nice coat & pelt, needs to settle.

3rd – Baillieswells Brora (Professor A S Milton)

Res – Glebeheath Smash N’grab (Miss L M Jordan & Mr A M Smith)

Graduate – Dog

Entries: 4   Absentees: 1

1st – Breckgreen Soldier Blue (Mrs. J. Green)

2nd – Cedarhill Once Upon a Time (Mrs C Dean)

3rd – Glebeheath Smash N’grab (Miss L M Jordan & Mr A M Smith)

Post Graduate – Dog

Entries: 3   Absentees: 1

1st – Breckgreen Soldier Blue (Mrs. J. Green)

2nd – Bramblesgate Razzle Dazzle (Mr S C & Mrs A J Massen)

Gr&T, Strong head, dark eye, nice expression, larger ears than 1, good topline, strong loins, slightly rounder in rib than 1, spanned OK,  movement was fine, quality coat and pelt. 

Limit – Dog

Entries: 7   Absentees: 1

1st – Wadesleia Mr Herriot (Mrs H A & Mr A Fletcher)

Gr&T, Well made, correct size, lovely Border, Moderate otter head, neat ears, nice front, good reach of neck,  decent flat rib, good rear construction with nice bend of stifle, movement good front, side & rear. Just didn’t have the coat today which affected his chance of top honours.

2nd – Tyrian Outlaw (Mrs K Dean)

Gr&T, Lovely head,  big teeth,  strong muzzle, good expression,  liked his front, neck & thick coat. Super underline with nice flat rib, movement was OK, a little less bend of stifle than 1

3rd – Digmoor Bankers Bonus (Mr M P & Mrs S V Regan)

Res – Comitis California (Mr T and Mrs L Palmer)

VHC – Alcumlow Solitaire (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

Open – Dog

Entries: 1   Absentees: 0

1st – Stowthorney Swinging Sam (Mr R & Mrs J Brewster)

Gr&T, Strong head, jaw with good bite, well set ears, moderate bone  with thick pads, liked his overall construction, thick coat, good pelt, nice carrot tail. Ribs somewhat deeper  than some and just spanned. Moved well with drive.

Minor Puppy – Bitch

Entries: 4   Absentees: 1

1st – Hemlockstone Diana at Bowencloud (Mrs S J Ruth)

Blu&T, 8 months, Correct size for age, soundly constructed,  moderate otter head with neat, well laid ears, good feet, up on her pasterns, narrow, super  front and shoulders, top  draw coat & pelt, long, nice, easy stride, moved out well. Straight front & rear, a nicely balanced bitch pup, one to watch, BBP

2nd – Ianteg Red Rubi (Miss S Richie)

Gr&T, 6 months, Happy, confident pup, good feminine head, nice construction,  moved well

3rd – Diva Top Marked at Meerdyke (Mrs C Dobereiner)

Blu&T, 6 months, Well made youngster, still very much a baby, moderate in all departments, very pleasing expression,  moved OK

Puppy – Bitch

1st & 2nd two very different types

Entries: 5   Absentees: 1

1st – Rhozzum Gemstone At Otterholme (Miss T Jones)

11 months, Gr&T, Racey pup,  confident & happy around the ring, very narrow with super ribs well laid back,  head needs to develop, lovely ear set,  good reach of neck,  well angulated front & back, moved with easy long stride holding a good topline, won class on movement.

2nd – Bramblesgate Dazzle ‘N Shine (Mr S C & Mrs A J Massen)

10 months, Grizzle, More mature than 1, particularly in head which is stronger and broader,  good expression with nice V shaped ears. Good feet, up on pasterns, wider in front, ribs not as good as 1, rear quarters were excellent, strong and nicely angulated, moved OK

3rd – Ianteg Red Roxi (Miss S Richie)

Res – Kenquartz Take A Bow (Mr R M & Mrs H Rowland)

Junior – Bitch

Entries: 8   Absentees: 3

1st – Ploughdown Persephone (Miss C Spencer)

Gr&T, One of the best presented on the day, moderate bone, lovely head, keen feminine expression, good bite and strong jaw, nice reach of neck, super topline and gentle underline, easy span, overall a well balanced bitch with nice stride covering ground effortlessly

2nd – Brumberhill Bollinger For Chesterton (Mr A J & Mrs W Mooney)

Gr&T, Another attractive bitch, super otter head, good bite and strong jaw, narrow, spans easy, level topline to short, carrot tail. Lost out to 1 on front movement & presentation

3rd – Picer Aimee Vilbert (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

Res – Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin’ (Mrs S J Baxter)

VHC – Kighill Lil Bear (Mr B & Mrs K A Newsome)

Novice – Bitch

Entries: 5   Absentees: 1

1st – Chesterton Boutique (Mr A J & Mrs W Mooney)

Grizzle, well-schooled, moderate bone. Nice otter head, good bite & strong jaw, better ribs than others in class, flat rib with good coupling, stood out from rest in movement which had drive & purpose

2nd – Bramblesgate Dazzle ‘N Shine (Mr S C & Mrs A J Massen)

3rd – Peakrunner Follow My Dreams (Mrs H Bates)

Res – Lady Fiona Mctarry (Miss A J Sutton & Mr M Sugden)

Graduate – Bitch

Entries: 8   Absentees: 2

1st – Smalesmouth Skype (Mrs J Roberts)

Blu&T, Strong head, good expression, nicely set ears on lovely otter head, excellent front & shoulders, super topline  with good length of coupling, Movement was OK, could have been a little tighter in front movement .  Good bend of stifle.

2nd – Alcumlow Miss Teeq (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

Different type to 1, smaller, lightly framed, moderate head with good jaw and nicely proportioned ears,  good feet, thick pads and up on her pasterns,  easily spanned, ribbed well back, moved well.

3rd – Borderxpress Miss Potter (Mr R Wright)

Res – Baillieswells Stronachie (Professor A S Milton)

VHC – Lady Fiona Mctarry (Miss A J Sutton & Mr M Sugden)

Post Graduate – Bitch

Two different types 1 &2

Entries: 5   Absentees: 3

1st – Alcumlow Azure (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

Blu&T, Well made, slightly heavier in bone than 2, strong head with good expression, good bite, big teeth,, like her front, shoulders & neck. Thick, double coat with equally good pelt, easy span, well balanced, moved out well.

2nd – Tyrian Rosamunde (Mrs K Dean)

Gr&T, correct size, moderate in all departments, liked her head, expression and ears, slightly wider in front than 1, spans easily, moderate carrot tail, topline was her weak point today, she moved well, accurate front & back

Limit – Bitch

Entries: 8   Absentees: 4

1st – Glebeheath Maiden Name At Oakyard (Mr J Parry)

Gr&T, Moderate to strong head, very appealing expression backed up with good jaw, big teeth and otter head, ears nicely set,  another one turned out to perfection, Front narrow, feet  deep and tight, thick pads, easy span, well-constructed with ribs carried well back, super  thick double coat which was lovely and tight, good underline, movement was good, easy stride, RBB

2nd – Chesterton Honeymoon (Mr A J & Mrs W Mooney)

Gri&T, Well made, correct size, easily spanned , lovely balance. Nice head, moderate but well equipped. Liked her tight feet and front, good topline to nicely set tail, Movement was  fine, but not quite as good as 1

3rd – Wadesleia Woodland Ringlet (Mr A & Mrs H A Fletcher)

Res – Grindelvald Over The Moon at Hemlockstone (Mr R H & Miss J A Bryan & Pounder)

Open – Bitch

Entries: 5   Absentees: 2

1st – Nantcoch Ffion JW ShCM (Mrs J M Phillips)

Gr&T, looking good this one, coat has a few weeks to go but was a nice tight double jacket, thick loose pelt,  moderate otter head, good expression. Narrow, good shoulder, level topline, moved well with drive. Shown & presented well

2nd – CH Manorcroft Rock on Ruby (Mr T & Mrs L Palmer)

Light Grizzle, close decision with 1, in thicker coat with good loose pelt, Good expression, nice v shaped ears, strong jaw,  a little wider than 1 in front, decent flat rib with good coupling, good topline, nice size,  movement was good, front, side and rear.

3rd – Baillieswells Lochindaal JW (Prof A Milton)

Veteran – Dog or Bitch

Outstanding class, 2 top class Borders that both looked ½ their ages and turned out to perfection.

Entries: 3   Absentees: 1

1st – CH Cedarhill Authorized JW ShCM (Mrs C Dean)

Gr&T, Strong otter head, big teeth, strong jaw, broad skull. Well made, well prepared and such a showman around the ring, (look at me) Spans well, good reach of neck and nice topline, thick, tight double coat and complimented with a thick, loose pelt. Fit, well-muscled with strong hocks and good rear angulation. Moved well with drive.  BD & BIS

2nd – Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That (Mrs S J Baxter)

Gr&T, Super bitch, narrower than 1, preferred her  front & shoulders. Strong otter head, super teeth, bite and expression, nicely set ears in good proportion to head. Excellent front, reach of neck and shoulders, lovely topline & underline to strong loin and nice tail set, easy span and great balance. Movement was long, easy & purposeful . Coat & pelt was outstanding. Such a close call with 1, could have drawn lots to separate 1 & 2, BB, RBIS, BOS

Special Challenge – Dog or Bitch

Entries: 3   Absentees: 1

1st – Borderxpress Miss Potter (Mr R Wright)

3rd in Graduate, Grizzle, Moderate Otter head, pleasing expression, small ears,  good feet.  Lightly framed, moderate bone, coat still coming. Construction good, better ribbed than 2, moved OK

2nd – Lady Fiona Mctarry (Miss A J Sutton & Mr M Sugden)

Blu&T, Up to size, heavier in bone than 1, Head OK , good front, neck and topline, a little deep in chest


Entries: 3   Absentees: 2

1st:  Mooney’s,  well matched pair whose noses were working in unison as they covered the ground around the ring with ease