May 6th 2022 – The Midland Border Terrier Club Open Show
Judge: Mr R Wright (Borderexpress)
Entries: 105 making 122 entries, 3 NFC
Best In Show: Howthwaite’s Resolution
Reserve Best In Show: Thistlestone Glenfiddich
Best Opposite Sex: Thistlestone Glenfiddich
Best Dog: Thistlestone Glenfiddich
Reserve Best Dog: Ycart In with Hounds
Best Puppy – Dog: Tojamatt Night Watchman
Best Bitch: Howthwaite’s Resolution
Reserve Best Bitch: Benattivo Silver Flame
Best Puppy – Bitch: Tojamatt Lacemaker
Best Puppy: Tojamatt Lacemaker
Best Veteran: CH Cobstoneway Love Song JW ShCM
I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of The Midland Border Terrier Club for the invite to judge the Open Show held in conjunction with The Birmingham National. The hospitality showed by both clubs on the day was tremendous plus the wonderful gift received with many thanks – I will remember my first club show appointment for a long time.
I could not of been more pleased with my entry on the day so a big thank you for all of the exhibitors that gave me the opportunity to go over their dogs and the quality presented. Junior Bitch, Limit Bitch and Limit Dog classes were of real quality and on another day placings could of easily been switched. That aside I was really pleased with my Bitch/Dog line ups having some real quality to pick my main winners from.
Also a special mention to my two stewards Sharon and La for keeping my classes going and to Bev who co-ordinated between the two rings whilst the judging was going on.
It was nice having the opportunity to see Terrier Group at the Birmingham National at the end of the day and see my Best Dog go on to represent the Border Terrier by getting short listed in a really big group, he had his 3 CC today and I was delighted to see he has become a Champion in his own right.
Minor Puppy – Bitch
Entries: 6 Absentees: 2
1st – Tojamatt Lacemaker (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)
7 month old grizzle built on racy lines, lovely feminine head and dark eye with beautiful front construction – she flows from the neck into her shoulders and a super rib. Nice short carrot tail set on and making a lovely top line stacked/moving, her profile is structure is excellent and topped off with a lovely crisp jacket. Pleased to award her best bitch puppy and best puppy in show.
2nd – Knowbury Dream Of Dreams (Mr D & Mrs C Nightingale)
61/2 month old grizzle bitch, still very in mature worthy of her 2nd place. Pleasing in head with nice small ears well placed, Top line not as good stood as on the move but given time to settle she should develop nicely – had a lovely jacket and a really loose pelt.
3rd – Hightarn Nightingale At Nottorg (Mrs A Taylor)
Res – Carrickfarm Myra (Mrs M Armstrong)
Puppy – Bitch
Entries: 6 Absentees: 2
1st – Northborders Pinot to Thornyhurst (Mrs L Illingworth)
11 month old grizzle that won the class on type, lovely feminine head with a super front/ rear construction and glided around the ring with ease. Her length very typical and super loin and top line stacked/moving – Cracking jacket/pelt and challenged hard for best bitch puppy.
2nd – Northborders Chianti (Miss J North)
11 month old B&T litter sister, set down to perfection with a beautiful jacket/correct ticking and great texture. Not as strong in the head as her sister but her movement/ring presence makes her look attractive in profile. Flows nicely through the neck/shoulder.
3rd – Thistlemead Sundance (Mrs P M Heeley)
Res – Thistlemead Scentsation (Ms P M Heeley)
Junior – Bitch
Entries: 12 Absentees: 1
1st – Benattivo Silver Flame (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling)
Possibly the hardest class of the day with some real quality youngsters and my first 5 could all change places on another day.
15 month old B&T that headed up the class, very typical in head with a nice dark eye and lovely set ears. Stood on really tight cat like feet, her balance on the move was effortless and moved around the ring with a presence, she was full of jacked with a nice texture and pelt. A big decision in the line up but pleased to of awarded her Res Best Bitch.
2nd – Liatch Madame Pommery at Wilholme (Mr D Shields & Ms I Glen)
15 month old grizzle that could easily of taken the class, lovely for size and comes to hand really well. Pleasant in head and her shoulder/rib/top line – very impressive on the move which was effortless. She has drive from her well constructed rear angulation and topped off with a super jacket/pelt.
3rd – Rockslade Russian Roulette (Miss G Lowe & Mr T Miles)
Res – Tarkaswell Highland Fling JW (Mrs C E Sansom)
VHC – Mysulan Rhapsody In Blue (Mrs S J Baxter)
Novice – Bitch
Entries: 11 Absentees: 3
1st – Otterholme Underground (Ms T Jones)
19 month old grizzle, up to size but not overdone in any way. Lovely in head with nice big white teeth, shoulder/rib and flows into an excellent top line and length. Top line kept in place stacked/on the move, just a little long in the tail – she was presented in a lovely jacket and nice thick pelt.
2nd – Northborders Pinot to Thornyhurst (Mrs L Illingworth)
See 1st in Puppy Bitch
3rd – Hightarn Nightingale At Nottorg (Mrs A Taylor)
Res – Rhozzum Wood Lark At Daeargi (Miss R Bevan)
VHC – Fiagai Mara Sunset (Miss A Dawson)
Graduate – Bitch
Entries: 10 Absentees: 2
1st – Howthwaite’s Resolution (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)
2 year old grizzle bitch that was my stand out of the day, she was showed to perfection and set down in the best of jackets and wonderful condition/muscle tone. Lovely feminine Otter head and dark eye – shoulders/ribs just flowed into her smart construction/make up. Super short carrot tail set on making up an excellent overall picture of an outstanding bitch. Best bitch and Best Of Breed.
2nd – Jordith Sapphire Storm (Mrs L.M.I & Mr A.M. Jordan-Smith)
19 month old B&T built on finer/racy lines, nice feminine head and dark eye – spanned really easy and came to hand easily. Moved true and set down in a lovely crisp jacket/correct ticking/thick pelt. Shown really well and very well connected/handled.
3rd – Borderrush Magic Bean (Miss A J Hall)
Res – Ebffiniau Rock Rose Lady (Miss E Brinkley)
VHC – Rhozzum Wood Lark At Daeargi (Miss R Bevan)
Post Graduate – Bitch
Entries: 3 Absentees: 1
1st – Thistlestone Pumkin Pie (Mr S Whisker & Miss J May)
2 Y/O grizzle of a good size, a little bit erratic on the move but settled down as the class progressed. Good in head/mouth and correct ear placement. Nice in the rib and correct length of loin, set down in a nice textured crisp jacket.
2nd – Otterwood Aura At Borderrush (Miss A J Hall)
2Y/O B&T built on slightly heavier lines but spannable, a beautiful headed bitch with a nice dark eye and good in the mouth. She was a tad heavier in the shoulder and not as clean with her front movement. Good for length and set down in super jacket today.
Limit – Bitch
Entries: 12 Absentees: 4
1st – Tarkaswell High Fidelity
Another really strong bitch class with some real quality exhibits not being placed.
Headed up by this 2 Y/O bitch that I liked for size/construction, a pleasing head and good in the mouth with big teeth. She had well laid back shoulders flowing into a lovely top line stacked/on the move. Her movement was very true and positive, set down in super condition and a lovely jacket.
2nd – Totherend Myrna Loy (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright)
3 Y/O grizzle with a lovely head and ear placement, liked her front construction and rib which gives her a narrow look throughout, moved with ease around the ring making up a really nice picture in the ring – good in jacket and excelled in pelt.
3rd – Fisherbloom Killer Queen At Thistlewhiss (Miss A J Sutton)
Res – Picer Isabel Derby (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)
VHC – Mysulan Go Easy (Mrs S J Baxter)
Open – Bitch
Entries: 7 Absentees: 4
1st – CH Bardenfox Tale as Old as Time (Mr I & Mrs J Broomhead)
4 Y/O grizzle bitchand a worthy Champion which was nice to go over, Showed to perfection by her handler in one of the best jackets of the day. Lovely Otter head and super big teeth, her neck flows into super shoulder/rib construction making her very true in front and her rear angulation helped her to move effortlessly. Pushed very hard in the line up for Res Best Bitch.
2nd – CH Ravenside Marsha At Jordith JW (Mrs L.M.I & Mr A.M. Jordan-Smith)
4 Y/O grizzle bitch, another Champion that is fully worthy of her status, judged her as a puppy and you could see then that she had an excellent make up and one that would be destined for the top. Love her head/construction and overall type. Showed excellently and pushed hard in the class but just lacking a bit more jacket on the day.
3rd – Tarkaswell Sea The Stars (Mrs C E Sansom)
Minor Puppy – Dog
Entries: 3 Absentees: 0
1st – Tojamatt Night Watchman (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)
7 month old B&T built on fine lines and narrow throughout, nice in head/eye. He has a lovely length of neck into super shoulders and lovely flat rib, overall picture is very pleasing. His free movement makes his top line a little bum high on the move at times but I’m sure this will settle down as he matures. Very good in jacket/pelt – Best Dog Pup and Res Best Puppy.
2nd – Hightarn Nightfall At Roseghyll (Mrs A Johnson)
6 month old B&T that was a little unsettled at first but again settled as we progressed with the class, moderate head developing with nice teeth. A little big in the ear but sure his head will grow into them, nice shoulder into a really good top line and set on tail set. His movement was a bit erratic but again settled to secure a nice second place.
3rd – Totherend Argus (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright)
Puppy – Dog
Entries: 6 Absentees: 2
1st – Cobstoneway Stand By Me (Mr R & Mrs J Stevens)
11 month old grizzle of medium construction and in full jacket, Lovely head/expression/ear placement. Nice in the shoulder and rib which with his length of loin gave him a lovely outline when stacked and on the move. Movement was sound.
2nd – Oxcroft Bobbie (Mr J Price)
10 month old grizzle with the best Otter head of the day, super front construction leading into well set shoulders and a flat rib making him narrow throughout. He was a little unsettled as he entered the ring and on the move but he settled and started to enjoy his day. Another couple of weeks of jacket that was coming through and he will start to paint a really smart picture.
3rd – Pipruda Dark Rum at Beckholm (Mrs A Sutton)
Res – Earthtaw Never A Dull Moment (Miss J Haydon)
Junior – Dog
Entries: 5 Absentees: 2
1st – Tojamatt Night Watchman (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)
As minor puppy dog
2nd – Arunmere Midnight Cowboy (Mrs A J Parsons)
16 month old grizzle with a lovely strong head and nice big teeth making a lovely expression, made up of a little bit more of a shorter construction and his top line not quite as good as the winner. Excellent in jacket/pelt.
3rd – Achouffe Aotearoa Fable (Mrs A Stubbs)
Novice – Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 2
1st – Rockslade Romeo’s Revenge (Mr K Phillips)
15 month old grizzle of a nice size, very good in head with cracking big teeth and very strong bite. Shoulders/rib very good and made up of some excellent muscle tone. Set down in a cracking jacket and his overall profile made up for a smart young dog
2nd – Rockslade Risque Romance (Ms J Cray)
Litter brother to the winner, not quite got the length of rib as his brother making him look a little shorter and more compact and his movement was not as sound. Correct in head/mouth, jacket just starting to go over.
Graduate – Dog
Entries: 2 Absentees: 0
1st – Ycart In with Hounds (Mr K K & Mrs T J Fraser & Butler)
Smart 19 month old grizzle with a lovely strong head and shows a very good expression, of a medium build and not overdone. Has an excellent flow of neck into lovely shoulders. His movement was very accurate and his strong muscle tone/rear construction gave him excellent drive. Set down in a cracking jacket and lovely thick pelt, made the most of his chance in the dog challenge and pleased to award him reserve best dog.
2nd – Otterholme Ulysses (Ms T Jones)
19 month old grizzle that has matured really well and full of type, he is up to size but has everything in proportion. Very good in head and clean in shoulder/rib, his excellent muscle/construction gives him free and positive movement, set down in a really smart jacket. He came up against a good dog today in a class with two quality youngsters in.
Post Graduate – Dog
Entries: 5 Absentees: 1
1st – Rhozzum Worrick (Mrs M Sharp)
4 year old grizzle of a lovely type and one that I have always kept an eye on, pleasing in head with a nice ear placement. Narrow throughout and easily spanned, he is lovely in the shoulder and front movement very true. I would just like to see him show a little bit more drive from the rear – in very good jacket and excellent pelt.
2nd – Brankell Big Break For Grindelvald (Mrs M Bailey)
3 Y/O grizzle, smart dog built on shorter lines. Nice strong head and excellent big white teeth, very good in the shoulder and had tremendous muscle tone which gave him real drive. Just preferred the overall length of my winner today.
3rd – Earthtaw Making the Day (Miss J Haydon)
Res – Kentixen Mint Imperial At Roseghyll (Mrs A Johnson)
Limit – Dog
Entries: 10 Absentees: 4
1st – Thistlestone Glenfiddich (Mr S Whisker & Miss J May)
4 Y/O grizzle built on really fine/neat lines but having plenty of bone, lovely headed dog with a super keen expression and a strong bite – his reach of neck into lovely shoulders makes for a really clear and level top line stacked/on the move. His movement is very clean and he glides effortlessly around the ring. Really pleased to award him best dog and reserve best in show. As I have highlighted it was nice to see him go onto represent the breed in the group and also get short listed. Very well done and a worthy Champion.
2nd – Fisherbloom Dont Stop Me Now At Louajak (Miss C Gwilliam)
21/2 Y/O grizzle that has really come on and matured into a smart dog, he is of a lovely size and spans with ease/comes to hand very well. Nice head and ear placement and he is a real showman with his handler getting the most out of him – very true in his movement and set down in excellent condition and super jacket.
3rd – Farlacroft My Friend Walter (Mr M Wait)
Res – Weststar Lone Ranger at Ardenholm (Mrs C Swain)
VHC – Tyneotter Sun Stands Still (Mrs N Anderson & Mrs A Howard)
Open – Dog
Entries: 5 Absentees: 2
1st – Northborders Marlon Brando JW (Miss J North)
4 Y/O grizzle dog that was smartly turned out and set down to perfection – rangier in type and he has a very strong ring presence and moves with ease off the back of his true front/rear construction. Strong in the head, neat in the shoulder/rib/loin, topped off with a lovely jacket had a strong shout for my res best dog.
2nd – Lessien Buckle N Boots (Miss S Pateman)
3 Y/O grizzle of medium construction, lovely strong head/expression. Good in the shoulder and rib and easily spanned – would just prefer a little more length in the loin to give him a little extra length of body. Set on nice tight feet, a little short on jacket but that will come to top him off.
3rd – Bordergold Rudolph At Beckholm (Mrs A Sutton)
Veteran – Dog or Bitch
Entries: 7 Absentees: 3
1st – CH Cobstoneway Love Song JW ShCM (Mrs G Stevens)
8 Y/O grizzle bitch, fit and strong and still shows her qualities. Lovely in head and has still kept her nice body lines stacked/on the move. She was in excellent condition and jacket – Best veteran in show.
2nd – Irton Morse Code JW (Mr & Mrs D Fryer)
111/2 Y/O grizzle dog in super fit condition for his age, a really strong head with a nice expression. Spanned easy and he had very positive movement/drive for his age. Short on coat but some texture in place and starting to come through.
3rd – Crosby Dark Duchess At Roseghyll (Mrs A Johnson)
Res – Blue Duke Of Cumbria At Roseghyll (Mrs A Johnson)
Special Beginners Dog/Bitch
1st Fishbloom Killer Queen At Thistletwiss (Miss a Sutton)
2 1/2 Y/O grizzle bitch who was placed 3rd in a very strong Limit Class, lovely headed bitch nice in ear and expression. Flows in shoulder/rib/loin spanning easily, her movement is very sound front/real – nice texture in a tight jacket and in excellent condition/muscle tone.
2nd Thistlemeade Harmony ( Mrs P. M. Heely)
5 Y/O grizzle bitch built on slightly heavier lines, nice attractive head with neat ear placement. Good length of rib and easy to span, liked her rear angulation and muscle tone which gave positive drive around the ring – set down a super jacket.
Brace Class
1st Mrs P M Heeley – 10 month old litter sisters, like 2 x peas in a pod and perfectly matched up pair. Moved soundly in tandem with the handler.
2nd Mrs A Johnson – 10 Y/O litter brother/sister in excellent condition and a credit the owners for setting them down to perfection – both moved well and in tandem.