WinnersJudge: Dogs: Julie Guvercin, Bitches: Denise Townsend

Entries: 199 dogs making 212 entries, Inc 15 NFC


Midland border terrier club ch sh 6th August 2017 A warm welcome and a super quality entry awaited me at this show with very few absentees. A few kinked tails, some untidy bites and very noticeable were the amount of light eyes creeping in, some so pale it ruined the expression completely. Just one male with what felt like abnormal testicles! Thank you for bringing your dogs, some classes were so hotly contested that all 5 placed had lots to commend them and 1st to 3rd was splitting hairs in some cases. Some dogs looked beautiful stood, but failed miserably on the move and paid the price.


I judged the first show ever held by the Midland Border Terrier Club back in 1984 which made me feel very old when I worked how long ago that was!  Thank you to all exhibitors for the opportunity to go over your dogs. I always consider it a great privilege and I was very pleased with my winners. I could span virtually every bitch present so think that criteria went before me in terms of my entry!  Just the very occasional crooked mouth and I would agree with my co-judge that I noticed several light eyes and some dogs that were light in underjaw.


Best In Show: CH Bandicoot Doc Martin

Reserve Best In Show: Ploughdown Paloma

Best Opposite Sex: Ploughdown Paloma

DCC: CH Bandicoot Doc Martin

RDCC: Wintergarden Fly’s Finale to Manorcroft

Best Puppy – Dog: Mysulan Mythical Mylo

BCC: Ploughdown Paloma

RBCC: CH Mansergh Plusfours

Best Puppy – Bitch: Stineval Kordia

Best Puppy: Mysulan Mythical Mylo

Best Opposite Sex Puppy: Stineval Kordia

Best Veteran: Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That


Minor Puppy – Dog

Entries: 5   Absentees: 1

Entries: 5   Absentees: 1

1st – Mysulan Mythical Mylo (Mrs S J Baxter)

Blue/tan of lovely make and shape built on narrow lines with plenty of scope Nice head and neck with good topline and well set tail, which could be shorter but is well carried on the move and doesn’t detract from his overall balance . Well angulated at both ends with ample bone and good feet. Easily spanned with good rib, crisp coat and decent pelt . A little babyish coming on but moves well on the go around. BPIS

2nd – Jrasamuyr Codex (Miss C Khatchikian)

Another scopey dog who secured his place with his ground covering stride and balance. A little plain in head at present and will take time there but has a decent body and bone. Hope he doesn’t grow much more.

3rd – Otterpaws Mountain High (Mr & Mrs G Birrel  )

Smaller very strong headed male with good body and bone. Moved ok , should develop in time just not the balance i wanted at the moment.

Res – Badgerbeck Bataclan (Miss L M Jenkins)

Puppy – Dog

Entries: 8   Absentees: 1

1st – Bowencloud Busy Bee (Mrs S J Ruth)

Well grown dark grizzle with very nice head and big teeth. Narrow throughout with better shoulders than 2 giving a better front action. Good topline and firm body in excellent coat and condition just lost out for bpd, preferring the minor puppy’s straighter forelegs, nevertheless a very nice dog who moved well.

2nd – Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee)

Very dark grizzle not overdone in any department and although he was a better size than 1, he couldn’t quite match him in upper arm and subsequent front action. However, still a good one, loved his rib, size, balance and topline and will swap places with 1 on other occasions I’m sure.

3rd – Tojamatt Rhythm N’blues at Raedwulf (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)

Another nice puppy with very strong head and more compact body than two. In very good order and well presented and handled. Goes round with great enthusiasm.

Res – Lockhaugh Linx To Grindelvald (Mrs M Bailey)

VHC – Tufterslodge Tea N Cake (Ms J M Woolacott)

Junior – Dog

Entries: 7   Absentees: 0

1st – Wintergarden Fly’s Finale to Manorcroft (Mr D J Bean)

Light grizzle with attractive dark muzzle and super ottery head. Neat ear, lovely eye and powerful jaw with big teeth. Smart as paint and stands well, unaided on his good legs and feet. Well ribbed back and good rear, spot on for size and type, in lovely order throughout and pulled out all the stops to beat several first class dogs in the challenge to secure the rcc.

2nd – Oakyard Out N’about At Dassett (Mrs S Spafford)

Nice red dog with lovely head and expression and big teeth. Liked his length of leg and firm topline with well angulated rear. Is a little proud of his tail occasionally and needs to settle on the move, but was In good coat with thick pelt.

3rd – Cedarhill Ghost Writer (Mrs M Fleming)

Beautiful headed red, another quality dog who I have seen on better form. Not moving as soundly behind today. Quality coat, just past its best but still well presented on thick pelt. Excellent topline and tail is well set and carried. A very nice dog.

Res – Normbar Hussar (Mrs N Ellis)

VHC – Chorbeck Space Cowboy (Mrs H Haughton)

Maiden – Dog

Entries: 7   Absentees: 0

1st – Mysulan Mythical Mylo (Mrs S J Baxter)

2nd – Bowencloud Busy Bee (Mrs S J Ruth)

3rd – Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee)

Res – Jrasamuyr Codex (Miss C Khatchikian)

VHC – Badgerbeck Bataclan (Miss L M Jenkins)

Yearling – Dog

Entries: 6   Absentees: 0

1st – Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony JW (Miss J Hughes & Mr M J L Kendrick)

Lovely outline on this nice sized red. Masculine head with big teeth. Fairly good shoulders run smoothly into his good topline and tailset. He has good bone and feet and moves out soundly and steadily. Well presented coat and thick pelt covering a firm body.

2nd – Bardenfox A View To Kill (Mr I & Mrs J Broomhead)

Grizzle of nice size and balance with good topline, spannable body and well angulated rear. Lovely ottery head and well set eye that could be darker. Well presented double coat and thick pelt. Moved out well.

3rd – Howthwaite in Voice (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)

Dark grizzle who looked a little leggy and lacking type due to no coat. However his strong muzzle is packed full with huge teeth and his body is light framed and easily spanned. Sound as a bell on the move and totally workmanlike in his make and shape, would follow a horse easily and get in without trouble. Needs to wear plenty of double jacket.

Res – Tufterslodge Tea For Two (Ms J M Woollacott)

VHC – Tojamatt Moriarty (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)

Graduate – Dog

Entries: 9   Absentees: 2

1st – Mysulan Going Solo JW (Mrs S J Baxter)

Typey bl/tan with nice head and neck. Not the best of colours but texture is good and pelt ok. Scores in size, balance and outline for me with sound movement coming and going. Beat 2 with his better eye and jacket.

2nd – Oxcroft Jethro (Mr J Price)

Red dog who is good to go over for detail. Coat not at its best but texture good and pelt ok. Ottery head with flat skull and short strong muzzle. Narrow throughout with good front and enough bone. Spannable firm body of good length on well boned legs and deep feet. Covered the ground well but a bit distracted.

3rd – Otterwood Caius JW ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee)

Thought this would be my winner as he is rather nice all through on the stand. Moderate head and dark eye with big teeth. Good neck into narrow body of good length with ribs well back to strong loin and racy hindquarters. Does as little as possible on the move and although he is true coming and going he leaves a large amount of ground uncovered underneath him. A nice dog, just not switched on today.

Res – Tufterslodge Tea N Cake (Ms J M Woolacott)

VHC – Tyneaster Undercover Agent For Vandamere JW (Mr S Pollit)

Post Graduate – Dog

Entries: 12   Absentees: 1

1st – Hawcoat Mr Fixit (Mrs E J & Miss R C Larner)

Lovely headed blue with the best of coats for texture, depth and colour on a very good pelt. Nice neck and forehand with very good rib shape and easily spanned. Balanced angulation helped him move freely and economically across the ground. Narrowly missing out on top honours.

2nd – Southash Deputy Sheriff At Smurfski (Mr J Yore)

A nice sized dark grizzle with moderately broad skull and short muzzle. Eye is well set but a fraction light. In fit condition with good coat and pelt. Scores on the move where he has a long rhythmical stride covering plenty of ground with minimal effort. Better developed hindquarters than 3. 

3rd – Rhozzum Gwilym (Mrs M Sharp)

blue with lovely head, flat skull and super eye. Good front and very lithe Well made body and good rib however I felt his loin and hindquarters were rather under developed and he could easily carry a couple of extra pounds to round him off and stop him looking so angular. Has the potential to be a really good one. 

Res – Tyneaster Special Agent at Raedwulf (Mrs V Atkinson)

VHC – Breckgreen Soldier Blue (Mrs. J. Green)

Limit – Dog

Entries: 10   Absentees: 2

A lovely class with much quality in all five placed dogs, who could change places on another day.

1st – Brumberhill Back T’ Future JW (Mr S A Mcpherson)

Blue/tan nice headed masculine dog with super light frame but plenty of bone. Holds a lovely topline and his carroty tail is perfectly placed and carried. Stands balanced on his own without the need to be stacked, such a pleasure to see. Well ribbed back to super hindquarters which he uses to his advantage on the move. Scores on the move in his side gait where he takes a massive stride. Harsh texture to his deep double jacket and pliable pelt. Pushed hard for top honours.

2nd – Gameway Mcvitie JW (Mrs P Clark)

Very dark grizzle boy, different stamp to 1 being smaller and less rangey. Wonderful deep double coat of super harsh texture covering a fit, spannable body. Good hindquarters and sound enough in all directions, pushing 1 very hard.

3rd – Chorbeck Chatty Man JW ShCM (Mrs H Haughton)

red with lovely body lines, topline and good coat and pelt. Tail is a little long but is well set and carried and doesn’t detract from his obvious quality. In super condition and moves well.

Res – Raleniro Second Time Around (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine & Miss P Thomas)

VHC – Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet JW (Mrs K Irving)

Open – Dog

Entries: 10   Absentees: 0

1st – CH Bandicoot Doc Martin (Ms V L K Docwra)

Have never seen this richly coloured grizzle look so well. In immaculate coat and condition with the ideal amount of muscle. Masculine head big teeth neat ear and keen eye, set on lovely neck and good shoulder, running smoothly into his excellent topline and correctly set and carried tail. Narrow throughout with the best of fronts, quality bone and neat feet.Sound and convincing on the move, being true coming and going, he would follow a horse without any trouble. His good rib is easily spanned and well back into his firm loin leading to racy hindquarters. A real upstanding dog who could not be denied the top spot today. In complete agreement with my co-judge he was BIS A dog to be proud of.

2nd – Benattivo Betfred (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling)

Another super male in this really good class and no secret that I like him, having awarded him a res cc last time out.He was very unlucky indeed to meet 1 on such sparkling form and another of several sitting on 2 ccs and hunting for that all important third. Nicely proportioned head and big teeth set on a good neck and straight front , narrow body with good rib and well developed loin into racy hindquarters. Went round well, his title can’t be far away.

3rd – Howthwaite Grainsgill (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)

This boy completed a trio of super quality males, upstanding and in super condition, he was the balance I was looking for with the soundness to follow a horse. Excellent front and rib shape, just a little deeper through than 1 and 2 but still spannable and a quality dog.

Res – Int CH / Ir CH Ploughdown Plato (Mr E & Dr M Armstrong)

VHC – Cedarhill Once Upon a Time (Mrs C Dean)

Special Challenge – Dog

Entries: 4   Absentees: 0

1st – Bowencloud Busy Bee (Mrs S J Ruth)

2nd – Otterpaws Muninn (Mr & Mrs G Birrel)

Nice headed red grizzle of lovely size with good topline and tailset. Preferred his better sized eye and front action to 3

3rd Brewbrads Tricky Trickster (Miss V Bradley)

blue/tan who is very dark coloured and could have more depth and undercoat but texture is good. He is a nice size and his head is balanced in its proportion but spoilt by a very small almond eye. Moved well holding a decent topline and tail carriage.

Res – Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg ShCM (Mr P J & Mrs A K Taylor)

Veteran – Dog

Entries: 6   Absentees: 3

An extra special thank you to the owners of these veterans for bringing them and allowing us all to see them. So important I think to see how an animal develops throughout its life, something with show dogs we dont often get to see once their show careers are over and they stay at home to make way for the next generation.

1st – CH Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM (Miss C Spencer)

Have awarded this dog before and here he is still winning in veteran. Lovely head, with strong jaws and big teeth. Well made body with excellent pelt and coat just passing its peak, but of lovely hard texture. Moved well in his class, but decided he’d done enough in the challenge. A worthy champion.

2nd – CH/AM/CAN CH Cedarhill Beyond the Stars JW (Mrs C Dean)

Another worthy champion who pushed 1 all the way, just fractionally preferred his extra length of leg but nothing more. Nice head and good mouth, set on a lovely fit body, just coming into coat. Super topline and tail set correctly carried on the move which he did well.

3rd – Beaconpike Red Saturn (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

Absolutely beautiful head on this richly coloured red grizzle, big teeth, neat ear and keen eye. Good for size and is border all through, just lost out to 1 and 2 in topline and was very unlucky to not get his title in his prime.

Special Open Working – Dog

Entries: 3   Absentees: 1

1st – CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (Miss L M Jenkins)

Super fit male just coming into coat. Masculine head with big teeth and powerful jaws. Strong neck into spannable body with good topline and carroty tail well set on. Moved round the ring with purpose and won this class with a bit to spare.

2nd – CIB CH FR/IT/CRO/SLO Stonechester Question Von Jrasamuyr MFH (Miss C Khatchikian)

Grizzle male with head and eye that I found a little foreign. Has a good coat and topline and moved ok but was far too heavy for me.

Minor Puppy – Bitch

Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

1st – Nantcoch Field Skipper (Mrs J M Phillips)

Lots to like, just the right amount of bone, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Very feminine with pleasing otter like head. Moved and showed well. A real baby!

2nd – Ravenside Calima (Mr M Lowry)

More mature than my winner. Another nice puppy, well balanced and easily spanned. Good harsh coat and thick pelt. Moved well.

3rd – Keebank Snow Queen (Mrs L Keeffe)

Good overall type with level topline; liked the body lines of this one. Just the right size and correct amount of bone.

Res – Nottorg Nostalgia (Mrs A Taylor)

VHC – Jrasamuyr Violette Szabo (Miss C Khatchikian)

Puppy – Bitch

Entries: 13 Absentees: 0

1st – Stineval Kordia (Mr & Mrs A G Horner)

Lovely racy bitch with great overall balance, not overdone in any way. Typical otter head, dark eye and keen expression. Moved and showed with maturity.

2nd – Merumhor Blue Jasmine (Mr C & Mrs J Martin)

A very feminine blue and tan with harsh jacket and thick pelt. Much to admire with good level topline, up on her toes and excellent hind angulation with lovely tail.

3rd – Brumberhill Bridesmaid (Mr S A Mcpherson)

Slightly different type than 1 and 2 but racy with flat fib, ribbed well back. Typical head and expression. Coat just passing its best.

Res – Ravenside Masena (Mr M Lowry)

VHC – Blaisdon Step In Time (Miss A Thomas & Mr J Thomas)

Junior – Bitch

Entries: 14 Absentees: 3

1st – Ploughdown Paloma (Mr E & Dr M Armstrong)

I loved this bitch’s style. Beautiful otter head with dark eye and keen expression. Wonderful balance, flat rib and level topline and good reach of neck. In good coat and moved and showed to perfection both in her class and in the challenge. Quite simply a Border that I would love to have taken home with me! Really pleased to award her the CC and I will watch her future with interest.

2nd – Dowgri Demelza (Mr W & Mrs T J Baird)

Another nice bitch built along the same lines as 1. Very feminine with good level topline maintained on the move. Small neat feet and up on her toes. Preferred the overall balance of 1.

3rd – Oakyard On Song (Mr J Parry)

Liked the body lines of this bitch, excellent on the move. Typical head and expression, but rather short of undercoat.

Res – Thornheswin Old Magic (Mr J C Dixon)

VHC – Northborders Lady Mary (Miss J North)

Maiden – Bitch

Entries: 11 Absentees: 3

1st – Brumberhill Bridesmaid (Mr S A Mcpherson)

2nd – Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath (Mrs A Heathcote)

Well balanced with good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Just the right amount of bone and in good jacket.

3rd – Gameway China Girl (Mrs P Clark)

Much to like, alert and on her toes throughout. Striking colour but a little lacking in coat today.

Res – Bowencloud The Bee Charmer (Mrs S J Ruth)

VHC – Rhozzum Wink at Kersfell (Mrs M Sneddon)

Yearling – Bitch

Entries: 13 Absentees: 4

1st – Foxpaw Revelation JW (Mr P & Mrs H Fulker)

Bitch that really has ring presence and focus on showing all the time she was in the ring. Lovely balance, flat rib and clean flowing lines with topline maintained on the move. Excellent hind angulation and good positive movement.

2nd – Benattivo Fire Flower JW (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling)

Beautiful rich red bitch in good jacket with a lot to like. Very feminine; narrow with excellent hind angulation. Pleasing head and expression, just preferred topline of my winner.

3rd – Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor (Mrs H A Metcalfe)

Good overall balance and sound conformation. Just the right about of bone. Harsh coat and lovely carrot tail. Maybe preferred the head of the previous two placings in this class.

Res – Abisu Bramble (Miss S Moseley)

VHC – Totherend Blue Jean Topsy (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright)

Graduate – Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 2

1st – Hartswelin She’s The One (Miss L J Coleman)

Feminine bitch of just the right size. Narrow front and flat rib, easily spanned. Up on her toes with lovely small feet. Lacking in jacket.

2nd – Fisherbloom Diaboli At Otterwood (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee)

Up to size but pleasing type. Good overall conformation and excellent hind angulation. In good harsh coat.

3rd – Mansergh Paint By Numbers (Miss A Roslin Williams)

Built along the right lines with good balance and topline, ribbed well back. Very feminine but feel that she needs more time to mature.

Res – Stowthorney Clairvoyant (Mr R Brewster & Ms J Green)

Post Graduate – Bitch

Entries: 17 Absentees: 3

1st – Southash Finding Bliss (Mr J & Mrs I M Southam)

Much to admire. Perfect proportions and so feminine. Narrow front and flat rib. Very attractive head. Moved well.

2nd – Stineval Malizia (Mr A & Mrs C Horner)

Blue and tan bitch with lovely body lines and good overall balance. Broad otter like skull with keen dark eye.

3rd – Howthwaite Gold Dust (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)

Blue and tan bitch with good layback of shoulder and reach of neck into level topline. Again a pleasing head and expression.

Res – Charlie’s Copycat Via Otterbobs (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin)

VHC – Bandicoot Maid Of Tarth (Miss R Lane)

Limit – Bitch

Entries: 23 Absentees: 7

1st – Brankell Double Or Quits JW (Mr P Brannan & Miss M Kelly)

Really nice bitch who looked at her best when on the move – moved out with drive and purpose around the ring. Typical head with good dark eye. Liked her overall balance and excellent hind angulation. Easily spanned and up on her toes and keen.

2nd – Olympia De Paris Fiery Lucifer (Mr Z Kubik)

Built along the right lines for me. Racy and narrow but preferred head and overall balance of my winner in this class.

3rd – Picer Flora Mcivor JW (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

Lovely rich colour and good overall conformation with level topline maintained on the move. Very feminine.
Res – Brumberhill Miss Dior (Mrs N E Ellis)

VHC – Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin’ (Mrs S J Baxter)

Open – Bitch

Entries: 15 Absentees: 3

1st – CH Mansergh Plusfours (Miss A Roslin-Williams)

I’ve been itching to get the opportunity to go over this bitch! I’ve admired her from the ring side and I wasn’t disappointed. Lovely size and balance with just the right amount of bone and flowing racy lines; easily spanned. Very feminine and true to type. Moved well in the class but not as freely in the challenge. RCC

2nd – CH Emblehope Dance and Dance JW (Miss D Bladen)

Lovely blue and tan bitch with great overall balance and racy lines. Good level topline, maintained on the move. Flat rib, ribbed well back and easy to span. Just the right amount of bone.

3rd – CH Tarkaswell Double Agent JW ShCM (Mrs C E Samsom)

Classy bitch with great ring presence that moves and shows to perfection. Like her overall style and admire her beautiful harsh jacket. Maybe just preferred the head of my previous two placings in this class.

Res – CH Nantcoch Ffion JW ShCM (Mrs J M Phillips)

VHC – Howthwaite in Vogue (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)

Special Challenge – Bitch

Entries: 0 Absentees: 0

Veteran – Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st – Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That (Mrs S J Baxter)

A real treat to go over this bitch. In tip top condition, with oh such a narrow front, racy and in perfect proportion; easily spanned. Pleasing head with broad otter-like skull, moved and showed to perfection.

2nd – Southash Cherry Bliss at Smurfski (Mr J C B Yore)

Racy bitch with good narrow front. Overall a nice type but preferred head of my winner.

3rd – Cobstoneway Bayou Sunrise (Mrs G Stevens)

Lovely typical head with dark eye and keen expression. In great condition with lovely full harsh jacket. Moved well.

Special Open Working – Bitch

Entries: 1 Absentees: 1