Ready for hand stripping. The coat will come out easier when the coat starts to part. I prefer to us finger and thumb method, however, you can use a blunt stripping knife.
Start stripping from the neck working to wards the tail, pull small amounts, in the direction it grows. Don’t over strip the tail; this will make it narrow and thin. Start from the base & work to the tip
 After completing the back and sides. Continue down the shoulders and chest area, down the legs. Strip the long hairs from the top of the head; strip the ears, removing the long hair from inside of the ears. 
 It’s most important to remove hair from the underbelly, to give the dog a good profile. 
 The feet, it is important to remove the hair from between the pads this is done with scissors. (the only time you use scissors on a borders coat). Tidy around the feet and finish by trimming the nails. 
 Finished result, showing the shape and the lines of the dog. 


After handstripping. 
 The only equipment needed to strip a Border Terrier coat.